About the Show


Keith Patrick: I’m a 2007 & 2012 Tech graduate with a B.S. in HDFS and an M.S. in Ag. Comm. My wife Kristin is a teacher and we have one daughter, Emerson. I’m a fly fisherman, ’76 Bronco driver, bbq and bourbon enthusiast, new Chiefs fan, and long-time Tech baseball devotee. I do some sports radio for the Frenship Tiger football and baseball broadcasts and I’m a proud Goin’Band alum. I believe in the designated hitter, that Nolan Ryan is the greatest of his generation, that state and national parks are precious and important, and that Robert Duvall, John Wayne, and Kevin Costner are as good as it gets. I’m a live music lover, Blue Light regular, and I’m glad to be here on Staking the Plains.


Whose Idea Was This?

For some time I’ve wanted to use my experience in public speaking and new experiences in broadcasting to start a podcast. Once I started writing for Staking the Plains I realized that one of my greatest passions is also something that doesn’t have any dedicated content in any medium – Texas Tech Baseball.

I’ve been a Tech Baseball fan for many years. I’m not going to pretend I haven’t missed a game since 2001, but I’ve always stayed in tune with the team. I’ve continued to live in Lubbock since graduating, and over the past few seasons have found the ability to attend almost every home game (thanks to my wife Kristin). My friends and I can be found on the first base side (I’m the one with the scorebook), cordially ensuring that the visiting first base coach likes tacos and that the first base umpire knows we love him and he’s better than his buddy behind the plate. Those same buddies and I made the trip to Omaha for Bromaha 2018 and plan for Bromaha 2019 to become a reality.

I say all of that to say this: this is a podcast about Texas Tech Baseball, by a guy that likes watching, learning about, and discussing Texas Tech Baseball. I want to bring you good commentary, great guests, and an opportunity to tune in once or twice a week to get some baseball news.

Wreck ‘Em Tech!